About Me


I am a professor in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. I received my PhD in social, organizational, and individual differences psychology from the University of Illinois and my BA in psychology from DePaul University. 

My research suggests the important role of work events, mood, and micro-interventions in predicting on the job behavior and employee well-being. I have had the pleasure of conducting field research in dozens of companies, including several Fortune 500 firms, with thousands of workers as participants. My research uses a variety of methodologies including experience sampling, surveys, interviews, and physiological assessment. In my TEDx talk, “Let’s Make Work Better” and other speaking engagements, I have enjoyed sharing my research and simple, evidence based micro-interventions to improve our working lives.

My research has been published in top management and psychology journals such as the Academy of Management Journal and the Journal of Applied Psychology and cited in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Huffington Post. 

I was in attendance when Theresa presented her research and ideas to a room full of Fortune 100 employees eager to improve their daily lives. She is a dynamic speaker with actionable recommendations that don’t require massive disruption to your routine, but are sure to make it more productive and enjoyable.
— Marketing Leader, 3M