“Theresa’s presentation is an arresting combination of evidence-based research, quick humor, and practical know-how. The four pillars of her research aren’t just a gimmick—they’re real, powerful tools for making our most important work not just fun, but our best work. She backs up her strategies for improving our average work lives with her own proven expertise, and offers powerful ways to enliven both our experiences and our results.” 
S. Y., Vice President, University of Minnesota Foundation


"Is there such thing as the perfect job?  Maybe for a lucky few.  For the rest of us, work often consists of constant multi-tasking and regular interruptions, without time for reflection on what makes us happy and successful.  Instead of looking for greener pastures somewhere else, Theresa Glomb presents tangible ways to improve your work life, whatever your job.  Simple things like bodily movement, small wins, and mindful moments can drastically improve worker satisfaction and performance. I was in attendance when Theresa presented her research and ideas to a room full of Fortune 100 employees eager to improve their daily lives.  She is a dynamic speaker with actionable recommendations that don’t require massive disruption to your routine, but are sure to make it more productive and enjoyable." 
A.C., Marketing Leader, 3M

“Theresa’s message and style really resonated with our audience. As a group of IT professionals that often manage a variety of project work and distractions from a changing landscape of options, it can be overwhelming. Theresa brought positivity, creative ideas, and tactical solutions for high performing people to take back control over some of the things that can often make work cumbersome. Between the laughs and great story telling, Theresa’s enthusiasm shined through and her message left a positive impact on our event which extended well beyond her session. Thank you, Theresa!”
IT Director, Medtronic 

“I was in the group you spoke with the other day. I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that your message was literally life-changing. I've made small changes since Tuesday that I feel have improved my day-to-day life. That's rare, and I wanted to express my appreciation!”
Manager, General Mills

“Theresa is a wonderful presenter who brings no-nonsense, evidence-based insight and practical strategies for all of us to make work better. Our attendees loved her presentation and found many ways to apply the learning into their own lives. I highly recommend Theresa for any audience.” 
E.I., Chief Innovation Officer, Brave New Workshop Creative Outreach


"Theresa’s framework of Work Hard, Have Fun, Choose Kind, Be Present is intuitive and can be quickly incorporated into your personal and professional lives. While the concepts are easy to understand, she had me hooked by sharing the research and data behind the theories.  I personally am more efficient based on some of the actionable tips she shared (e.g., parking downhill).  She’s a great storyteller; making it fun, interesting and memorable!"  
C.U.A., Sr. Vice President, HealthPartners

 "Having Theresa come in and speak to us was a sheer pleasure and delight.  You can tell she is very passionate and knowledgeable about the work that she does and makes it very relatable to both your personal life and work life.  She is very engaging and gets you to think differently and gives you easy ways to make your day more productive.  Theresa left us with magnets with her saying "Work Hard, Have Fun, Choose Kind, Be Present" which is a great way to reflect to make sure you are giving the day your everything. "    
K.N., Human Resources Leader, Best Buy

“We had the pleasure of working with Theresa for our annual all-company meeting in November and we have clearly set the bar high for future keynote speakers. Her research and practical tips were extremely relevant to our employees and were well received. She engaged the audience in such a way that our SPSers are still talking about it. Walking through the office, I overhear employees reminding each other to be present and to focus on the conversation or task at hand. After the meeting, we surveyed the group and we’ve been asked for more information and programs around intention management and setting yourself up for success. Thank you, Theresa, your keynote truly made an impact on our entire team.”
CEO, SPS Commerce

"I had the privilege of hearing Theresa speak at the Carlson School Women in Leadership conference a few years ago, and her inspirational message, research-driven conclusions and common-sense tactics stuck with me.  Most recently, I had the opportunity to invite Theresa to speak to a group of over 100 women in the Finance function at General Mills to share her keynote message on “Make Work Better: Evidence Based Strategies for Improving Your Work Life” and we heard nothing but positive feedback.   Her message was extremely relevant and relatable, and her research and examples brought theory to life.  Her presentation style is engaging, real and positive, and the tips and tactics she shared are easy to apply, which allows her message to take hold and drive a real change in the lives of the audience. I would strongly recommend Theresa as a speaker and am grateful to have been able to secure such a dynamic and wise woman to present to this network of women leaders."
B.K., Finance Leader, General Mills


“Theresa was recently the keynote speaker at our sold-out Mindful Leadership Conference. I have never seen a more engaged audience as Theresa masterfully presented her evidence based research and practical strategies for improving our daily work. Her framework of Work Hard, Have Fun, Chose Kind, Be Present is memorable and impactful. I have seen very few speakers as talented as Theresa. She weaves relatable stories with data and facts, all the while including bursts of her wonderful sense of humor.”
Director Executive Education, Carlson School of Management

"Organizations continue to wrestle with issues of employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, innovation, and a variety of other critically important topics to maximize the talent of their people.  Fun and the importance of a positive mood are often not at the top of the list, but they should be!  Professor Theresa Glomb's ability to present the research and reinforce that working hard, doing meaningful work, and being intentional about a plan to get it all done is possible - and powerful.   Work Hard - Have Fun - Choose Kind - Be Present.  Dr. Glomb's presentation made an impact and stimulated my thinking about the world of work in a more creative and productive way. "
D.B., Human Resources Executive Council Board President

"Work Hard, Have Fun, Choose Kind, Be Present – these are the frameworks for Theresa Glomb’s presentations that have resonated with me and the staff from MN Center for Youth Development. Ms. Glomb has presented twice to various staff groups within our Center and each time, staff have expressed their appreciation of her message. The presentation offered approachable strategies to view their work/life balance from a new perspective. Using sound research to back up her message truly resonated with our staff. Personally, I have intentionally incorporated mindful activities, body awareness and visualization into my everyday routine and have found great benefit. Her style is engaging and her suggestions are things we can all integrate into our day.  I highly recommend that your group experience Professor Glomb’s informative message – she is a well-respected scholar, approachable and a fully-present human being. It has been my honor to get to know her and share her message with my colleagues. "
C. S. Extension Program Leader, University of Minnesota


"Theresa is an excellent and engaging speaker. She is passionate about her research and it showed during interactions with faculty, staff, and students. In her presentation, she gives clear tips, helpful tools, and engages her audience. Her presentation on this subject really resonated with me and I will have the tools to apply to my work life.  I would highly recommend Theresa as a speaker to any organization." 
S.W., Faculty Administrator, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Conference Attendees

  • "This was by far my favorite session of the entire conference; speaker was fantastic and kept my attention."

  • "Great session! Dr. Glomb’s ideas were both interesting, backed up by her research findings and she didn’t just tell us the obvious things about the subject. She had new ideas and had relevant goals or action items that we could take away from the session."

  • "I was able to get usable strategies and implement them right away in both my professional and personal life." 

  • “Amazing! I loved her presentation!”

  • “Wonderful and intriguing. Fantastic presenter and very applicable. Great takeaways in a short session.”

  • “Loved it!  We want to get Theresa to come to our company and share!”

  • “It’s always the small things, the presenter was able to highlight and reinforce that these things matter and we need to pay attention to them in the work place. Once again Love the Passion!”

  • “Awesome! Great data along with great tips on how to make changes.”

  • “So energizing.  Love how applicable the mini interventions were”

  • “Great content. Very engaging. Great format - easy to apply.”

  • “Fascinating research and excited to implement with my overly stressed team!”